The School

The School

Our School offers a tailored education programme; its primary objectives are the education and care of students, through differentiated instruction based on individual needs, which aims to increase and develop their personal potential. At the same time, an interactive and responsive school-home communication system establishes a direct dialogue between EISP students, parents and staff, fostering a strong sense of school community.

A dive into digital
EISP promotes a digital learning path where students are introduced and trained in computational thinking, programming language (coding) and the use of digital technologies and resources starting from Nursery/Infant School with age-appropriate lessons and workshops. These specific educational activities enhance various skills including problem solving, logical thinking and creativity to be then combined in a single project such as the creation of a videogame or an interactive story.

Educational experiences
School trips and events are designed as an extension of the curriculum and are an integral part of students’ personal growth; we offer valuable first hand experiences, in order for our students to achieve new abilities and perspectives of analysis. Their open mindedness has the opportunity to flourish as they become more self-aware and improve their understanding of the world outside, visiting international conferences (MUN, TOK), artistic, cultural and natural locations in Italy as abroad.

A compass for the future
EISP considers school orientation to be a crucial element and supports students in making the right choices by suggesting the best strategies to follow for their future careers. More specifically the High School relies on an internal Careers Advisor, who encourages students’ research of the best academic and professional opportunities in Italy and abroad, guiding them step by step in the admission process and liaising closely with universities and companies.

The importance of listening
In order to support students, staff and parents at EISP, the school collaborates with two professionals trained in managing emotions and behaviour effectively. Dr. Alessia Benetti - school psychologist - works actively for the Infant/Nursery and Elementary School. She offers counseling service to parents and teachers regarding children’s emotional or educational difficulties. Dr. Vinka Truta - psychotherapist and life coach - runs a communication point for Secondary School students and parents where they can talk about motivational, relational and learning issues. Furthermore, through activities in classroom, she discusses topics that are important for students' personal growth.

A sustainable environment
Solar panels, together with two low enthalpy geothermal heating/cooling systems, constitute the integrated geo-solar system that allows EISP to cover most of the required thermal energy and electricity for the whole structure using renewable energy sources. In addition, a green oasis provides a pleasurable immersion in nature for our school community, hosting a variety of outdoor activities, such as sports events (Sports Day), cultural performances, garden projects, scientific workshops and experiments.